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Many individuals will need dentures sometime in their life. Whether your teeth become damaged from disease, habits, age or accident, injured parts may need to be removed to keep your mouth healthy. Dentures can replace these missing teeth or, if necessary, remake your entire smile.

Modern technology and skilled craftsmen can create dentures that align precisely with your specific mouth structure. That’s why it’s important to choose a reputable company like Dell Christie to provide the dentures and like medical devices you need in the Penrith and Blue Mountains area.
Don't be embarrassed by ill fitting or loose dentures.  You should be able to eat, speak and laugh without having to worry about your dentures coming loose or, even worse, falling out.
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Denture Services and Advice

We can create a wide variety of dentures and implants to match your situation. We use current techniques and technology to provide:
  • Full dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Denture relining
To learn more about our services or experience, call our office on 02 4739 3293. We are always happy to answer your enquiries or schedule your next appointment.

Commercial Laboratory Work

Because we do all of our work in our own laboratory, we can offer you tailored services for your circumstances. These include:
  • Competitive prices
  • Quality acrylic services
  • Cobalt chrome castings
We want you to be happy and healthy, so we will do whatever we can to ensure that our work is completely satisfactory and we believe this satisfaction should extend to both your mouth and your wallet.

Denture Repairs

In addition to sculpting new dentures, our professionals at Dell Christie can repair and fix whatever issues you may encounter with your replacement teeth. Our services are fast and thorough, and we even offer emergency responses so you don’t have to go without your teeth for long in the Penrith and Blue Mountains area.

Whether you need one acrylic tooth worked on or every bicuspid in your dentures replaced, our repairs are effective and reliable and always look great.

Emergency Repairs

With the help of our expertise, we can repair your dentures in one day, depending on the extent of the job.

There are several types of scenarios which are associated with repairs. They involve breakages of the pink acrylic on the base surfaces and/or the acrylic/porcelain false dentition. 

In many cases, as the natural dentition progressively needs to be removed, additions are required to replace the extracted teeth. Either process usually takes one or two days.


Mouthguards are essential for children and adults alike who participate in sport.  They reduce the risk of injury and provide support for confident performance.

Only a custom moulded mouthguard guarantees the best protection from impact.  At Dell Christie, our priorities are maximum comfort, safety and durability.

All health funds accepted   |   Senior Cards welcome   |   No referral needed

The importance of annual denture check-up

Updating your medical and dental history is a significant segment of your patient files. Changes in your medical and or dental health may affect the fit and function of your dentures.


In order to maintain your new dentures and keep them in good condition, it is very important to know how to clean them everyday so that you can keep your smile attractive. If you do not clean your dentures on a regular basis, stains will appear and plaque will form on your dentures, making them look less bright.

Oral cavity

a professional in his denture clinic in blue mountains
Annual examinations can assist in detecting oral abnormalities.

Contact Dell Christie Denture Clinic today for free advice and information on all your denture needs.

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