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Certified Denture Clinic in Blue Mountains

Patient of our denture clinic in the Penrith area

Specialised skills, personalised treatments and ongoing care for your dentures.

At Dell Christie we offer the best value and optimum benefits for your money. Our dedication, expertise, experience, standards, and treatments are second to none. Whatever your needs, we have you covered with a great range of dentures, partial dentures and implant overdentures.

About Our Denture Clinic in Blue Mountains

For lasting smiles and quality service, choose our family-owned denture clinic in the Blue Mountains. Dell Christie and his son Ben are committed to serving the residents of Penrith with personalised dental services that cater to your unique needs, should you require dentures, implants, mouthguards or other dental care solutions.

Reliable Services

Our dental clinic offers comprehensive services to repair or replace missing and broken teeth and deliver comfort, function and aesthetic appeal: 

Dentures. We offer tailored solutions to meet your needs with partial to full dentures, precision attachments and implants. 

Repairs. We do repairs and relines for existing dentures to ensure comfort and easy use. 

Emergency services. Rely on our Penrith denture clinic for emergency repairs with speedy one-day service for many jobs and two-day service for most. 

Mouthguards. Protect adolescent and adult teeth during sports activities with custom-moulded mouthguards from Dell Christie. 

Maintenance and check-ups. Routine care and maintenance for your dentures ensures longevity and comfort and helps prevent complications. Turn to us for ongoing care with personalised treatments.  

Our top priority is your satisfaction. We deliver patient-focused care and quality service. All our denture solutions and services are provided with attention to maximum comfort, durability and safety.

Quality Care

With our more than three decades of experience and our stellar reputation among both patients and dentists, you know you’ll receive quality care at Dell Christie. We also use a commercial laboratory that offers competitive pricing with high-end acrylic service and cobalt chrome castings. 

Get ready to smile again after a visit to Dell Christie Denture Clinic! Give us a call today on 02 4739 3293 to learn what we can do for you.

You can trust us because, for over 30 years, dentists have trusted us.

We love to see you smile.  We take pride in making sure you get the best fit.  This commitment to quality care has helped us make our clients comfortable and happy with their new or repaired dentures for many years.

Initial consultation at our Blue Mountains denture clinic

Our aim is to provide you with dentures that are lifelike, comfortable and customised for your individual needs. We want our patients to regain the confidence to speak, eat and smile without feeling self-conscious. Dentures should be comfortable and pain-free. If you are suffering from ill fitting, loose dentures then you should not have to live that way any longer.

We provide a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your needs and requirements and, in most cases, we can repair broken dentures and reline existing dentures on the same day.  At your initial consultation, you may wish to bring in an old photo of yourself. It can help us better understand what your teeth once looked like and we can reproduce a near perfect match.

Please take the time to have a look at our website and visit our frequently asked questions section.  If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our clinic on 02 4739 3293 and we will be able to provide you with further information.

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You should be able to eat, speak and laugh without the worry of your dentures coming loose. 

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